Directly from Canadian ginseng farm


Our ginseng was grown in Southwestern Ontario of Canada, a region famous for producing high quality American ginseng. The fully grown ginseng delivers much richer nutrition than younger ones. Harvested in November 2016, it is the freshest one in the market. Every piece of ginseng from our company is hand-picked to ensure that our customers enjoy the highest quality product.


加拿大花旗參農場 (Canadian Ginseng Farm) 為本公司法定註冊名稱。任何其他公司 (我們的特許代理商除外) 以 “加拿大花旗參農場” 或者 “Canadian Ginseng Farm” 名義在網上做廣告都屬假冒。我們以誠信為本,與眾不同。